KovaaK's Setup (old)

This guide will teach you the basic setup steps to have a functional KovaaK's setup. There are a few settings that aren't super intuitive by default, and some that may not be immediately obvious that this guide will help you navigate.

First Start

The first time you launch the game, it's going to try to put you into the trainer instead of sandbox. Sandbox currently is much, much better than the trainer, so make sure you choose it. If you forgot, there's a way to switch back to sandbox in the settings.


Main Settings

In the main settings, you will see a place to put your sensitivity. Above the box, there's a Sensitivity Scale drop-down that lets you choose which game's sensitivity you'd like to convert to KovaaK's. For example, if you want to convert Apex sensitivity, you'd choose Apex Legends from the drop-down and input your ingame sensitivity. For FOV, it's the same. Just set the FOV Measurements drop-down to whatever game, and your ingame setting.


Weapons visually just create a distraction, which isn't helpful for trying to focus on improving raw aim. Check the Hide Weapon checkbox and uncheck the Hit-scan Graphics Visible checkbox. Ignore the Zoom Sens Multiplier, as it's unimportant. Under the Shoot Sounds section, hit the X next to the audio file. This will mean that your gun does not make a sound when you shoot it. This is useful because it means that the only auditory feedback that you will get is positive, which will help you focus on when you're hitting targets. Especially, since on the tracking scenarios, it spams shoot sounds. The only sounds you should have enabled are for Hit Sound and Head Hit Sound, which you can change at your leisure.


Make sure you set the Video Mode to fullscreen, and NOT anything else. Any other settings will cause frame lag. This is the same in any other game; always use dedicated fullscreen. If available, set NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency to ENABLED + BOOST. This will decrease system latency.


Check the Hide Gibs checkbox and set decal time to 0. For the wall and floor textures, I would recommend selecting Pure Color under Texture and setting it to something like black. Then set Enemy Colors to a bright color like red. This will help ensure you don't get distracted by anything.

If you'd like a pre-existing theme, you can download my theme here. Place the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FPSAimTrainer\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\SaveGames\Themes and select it in the theme menu.


I would recommend setting a bind to ResetSession, which will reset whatever scenario you're doing. This can be very useful!


Scenarios are some of the most important parts of your KovaaK's setup. You could spend a thousand hours in KovaaK's, but if you're playing bad scenarios, you will only improve marginally. What you need to understand is that there are many complex, different parts to aim. Voltaic has created some very very good scenarios and playlists to play, which are built to increase your overall skill, as well as measure it. Voltaic benchmarks are for benchmarking your skill, which can help with motivation and informing you of your skill. To get their resources, you'll have to join their discord server and go to the #resources channel. Keep in mind, the most important resources to get started are their Benchmarks, Fundamental aim training routines, and Game specific aim training routines. The fundamental routines help you round out your overall skill, whereas the game-specific ones are great for improving on the types of aim that are prioritized in the specific game you're playing. I believe it's important to focus more on the fundamental ones, even if you only play one or two games, but the game-specific routines are also very useful. Issue-specific scenarios are useful if you're dealing with any of the issues they address.


Playlists are very useful, so make sure to utilize them. They are essentially an editable list of scenarios that you play one by one, which is super useful for creating a routine or copying the voltaic routines. Some of the voltaic routines also have a downloadable playlist file, which goes in the playlist folder in your game files, so make sure to watch out for those!


Voltaic also supplies a spreadsheet in the #resources channel. This is extremely useful, as it automatically tells you what your rank is and how close you are to ranking up when you input your scores. Make sure not to miss it!